working on another small batch, trying out new look in white


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noodling a bit while working on getting stamme[n] to stay in sync with the tapped tempo


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working on commissioned glitchyness

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Iketara Iku – Dual EQ

As I found myself constantly tweaking my EQ, especially between mid boost/mid cut settings I thought it would be nice to have 2 presets available so I ended up making this dual EQ with 2 identical 3-band Baxandall filters and an 18V charge pump to give enough headroom and boost. It’s specially useful to sculpt the sound coming out of a fuzz or distortion.

Clips recorded with a Jazzmaster into a Yamaha THR10 using an AC30 setting. Fuzz is a Giant Hogweed.

The idea itself came from using a PCB I had been offered by a Madbean forum user, M-Kresol, the erbium EQ, which itself was based on SJ effects’ Tonmeister.

In this case I used the textbook 3band baxandall filter with some very minor tweaks.


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envoloop vibrato (molecular patches)

envelope controlled hold effect with vibrato

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pitch verbolay (molecular patches)

After listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto’s great soundtrack to “The Revenant” I had the idea to create this delay/reverb with slightly detuned repeats that seem to fall/rise forever.

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Testing some flanging with the Molecular Compactor

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