Molecular Modules

From now on Molecular Disruptors will come with a little module like this that will allow you to easily swap your patches.
This means that you can order additional sets of patches when you are buying a pedal or order a new set if you ever change your mind about your patches after using your pedal for a while.

This will not work with older version unfortunately (prior to v 2.4)

Big thanks and shout out toΒ Homenoise Effects who had the idea for the removable module!

Molecular Disruptor V2

Pretty soon: The new Molecular Disruptor V2 (formerly known as Molecular Disruption Device)

New in V2:
– Variable sample rate that allows signal quality to go from hi-fi to mud-fi (also affects length of samples, delays, filters etc, lots of fun)
– Separate wet and dry level knobs that allow boosting of your signals – Relay bypass with momentary and latching modes
– Optional buffered bypass to allow delay tails

Release of the first batch planned sometime in January

repurposed shipping boxes

Stocked up on repurposed shipping boxes for now.
I usually get them from the organic grocery shop.
Most of their boxes have the perfect size for pedals.
So don’t be alarmed if you smell soy or houmous when you get your pedal πŸ™‚