molecular patches

These are the different patches you can choose from when buying a Molecular Compactor or Disruptor. There are new ones added regularly. You can find a more detailed description of each patch and its controls on the V2.1 patch list here.

NOTE: I have been reworking the list of patches to make them more unified in terms of controls and signal levels. (for example making sure the delay time is always assigned to the same knob etc)
So the layout of the knobs if partially different, plus some other minor changes.
If you have a pedal with older patches (from before june 2018) you can find the V2.0 list here for reference.


(reverse repeats that can be pitch shifted up to 3 octaves)

verbolay filter
(a blend of delay and reverb plus filtered feedback)

verbolay pitch
(a blend of delay and reverb plus endless detuned ascending or descending feedback)

(delay with feedback chopped up in grains whose size you can define)

(delay with feedback going through a ring modulator)

(delay with feedback going through a pitch shifter)

(delay with feedback going through an aliaser)

analog(-ey) mod delay
(analog sounding delay with filtered and modulated feedback)

square pitcher
(delay with repeats going through a pitch shifter that is modulated with a square wave LFO)


Loopy, samply, freezy stuff

tape loop
(a loop that can be slowed down or sped up, the length of the loop can be shortened to tiny bits, can feedback into itself)

(hold a bit of audio indefinitely, well almost)

envoloop vibrato
(endless repeating delay loops are envelope triggered and run through a vibrato)

envoloop reverb
(endless repeating delay loops are envelope triggered and run through a reverb)


Glitchy, noisy, random stuff

(sample size randomly changing plus lots of interdependent randomness, can feedback on itself)

(similar to glitcholay but you can octave up the feedback)

pitch step glider
(sample&hold modulated pitch shifter with discreet steps or glissando, can feedback on itself)

pitch square lfo
(pitch shifter modulated by a square LFO whose rate can be randomized, can feedback on itself)



(pretty wide range, from earpiercing accelerated jet plane sounds to
super boing rubber sounds)

flanger barberpole TZF ring mod
(an endlessly descending or ascending flanger, capable of going through zero, feedback running through a ring modulator)

granpa’s vinyl
(add vinyl crackle, noise, pitch warp and frequency bandwidth loss to your sound)

dynamic ringulator
(ring mod with blendable sample&hold and envelope controlled rate)

dynamic vibrato
(vibrato whose rate can be envelope controlled, also does a convincing rotary speaker thing if blended with dry signal)

dynamic phaser
(phaser whose rate can be envelope controlled)



envelope filter and optional bit crusher
(vocal sounding envelope controlled filter, running through a bit crusher)

envelope filter aliased
(vocal sounding envelope controlled filter), running through an aliaser)

envelope filter ring modulated
(vocal sounding envelope controlled filter, running through a ring modulator)

lfo filter
(vocal sounding sine LFO controlled filter)

step filter
(vocal sounding sample&hold controlled filter)

step filter bit crushed
(vocal sounding sample&hold controlled filter, running through a bit crusher)



(A synth-ey patch inspired by Kate Bush’s running up that
hill. A pitch shifter the glides up to the played note with a
user definable glissando)

tannhauser gate
(a bit crusher, a pitch shifter, a filter and a reverb, the filter and pitch shifter can be controlled through the expression input)

(2 individual oscillator drones, of which one can FM modulate the other)


Owners of V2 pedals with patches prior to June 2018 can check the list of controls here for reference.

Owners of V1 pedals can find the old patch list here for reference