Molecular Modules

From now on Molecular Disruptors will come with a little module like this that will allow you to easily swap your patches.
This means that you can order additional sets of patches when you are buying a pedal or order a new set if you ever change your mind about your patches after using your pedal for a while.

This will not work with older version unfortunately (prior to v 2.4)

Big thanks and shout out to Homenoise Effects who had the idea for the removable module!

Molecular Disruptor V2

Pretty soon: The new Molecular Disruptor V2 (formerly known as Molecular Disruption Device)

New in V2:
– Variable sample rate that allows signal quality to go from hi-fi to mud-fi (also affects length of samples, delays, filters etc, lots of fun)
– Separate wet and dry level knobs that allow boosting of your signals – Relay bypass with momentary and latching modes
– Optional buffered bypass to allow delay tails

Release of the first batch planned sometime in January