Iketara Iku – Dual EQ

As I found myself constantly tweaking my EQ, especially between mid boost/mid cut settings I thought it would be nice to have 2 presets available so I ended up making this dual EQ with 2 identical 3-band Baxandall filters and an 18V charge pump to give enough headroom and boost. It’s specially useful to sculpt the sound coming out of a fuzz or distortion.

Clips recorded with a Jazzmaster into a Yamaha THR10 using an AC30 setting. Fuzz is a Giant Hogweed.

The idea itself came from using a PCB I had been offered by a Madbean forum user, M-Kresol, the erbium EQ, which itself was based on SJ effects’ Tonmeister.

In this case I used the textbook 3band baxandall filter with some very minor tweaks.


Molecular Compactor (Spin Semi FV-1 based)

Seems like having 2 Molecular Disruption Devices with 8 programs each was getting too little … so I decided to build another one. Since I did not need the expression pedal and tap switch as much as I would have thought I made a new layout for a smaller version.

Same circuit as the MDD minus the tap switch, tap switch option control and expression pedal input.



Quite happy with the smaller footprint and reduced number of options (choices, choices …)

A couple of demos (Dynacord EC280 BBD delay, EHX Y-Triggered Filter)

A couple of demos I did just before selling these 2 beauties that were not getting enough attention from me to justify keeping:


Making the demo for the Y-triggered filter I finally figured out why I was not getting along with it. Unlike regular envelope filters this one seems to have a fixed envelope, that is simple triggered by the attack (hence the name I guess …)

Once you know that it’s actually a lot easier to get good tone out of it.