Giant Hogweed – Acid Splash Designs Etch

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This is a limited run with gorgeous looking enclosures etched by ACID SPLASH DESIGNS. Actually not just etched, as Adam uses several techniques like laser engraving etc. They are all slightly different and have some minor asperities, which is part of the process and what makes them so awesome.

The main dirt circuit uses a single op amp (usually a TL070, that is very similar to a LM308) in a topology similar to a RAT. The Stability control allows to mis-bias the chip and introduce gated sounds and texture. This imbalance of headroom also allows to clean up the dirt with the guitars volume control pretty good, even with buffered pedals before it.

When engaging the Octave footswitch the octave up/down signal gets mixed to the clean signal and runs through the main dirt section. The individual volume controls for the octaves define how much (if any) of each gets mixed.

The tone is a “BMP” style control with an internal trim pot to set the mids cut/boost

It runs on standard (Boss style) 9V power supply (no battery) and uses an optical bypass (similar in results to the standard true bypass 3pdt switches, but using sturdier 2pdt switches with an optocoupler)


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