Liquid Mercury – Tap Tempo Phaser


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The Liquid Mercury is a Tap Tempo 6 stage phaser.

The available controls are:

Multiplier – Sets the ratio for the tap tempo. Available multipliers are 1/2; 1; 3/2; 2; 3; 4
Rate – Sets the speed of the modulation manually
Symmetry – Bends the wave shape to the left or to the right
Mix – Blends between the wet and dry signal
Feedback – Sets the amount of signal that is regenerated and increases the phasing effect
Depth – Sets the depth of the modulation
Wave shape – Square, triangle, sine and random steps

It runs on standard (Boss style) 9V power supply (no battery) and uses an optical bypass (similar in results to the standard true bypass 3pdt switches, but using sturdier 2pdt switches with an optocoupler)


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