Twin Peaks – Tap Tempo Harmonic Tremolo

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Twin Peaks is a tap tempo optical tremolo with 4 modes:

V : Volume modulation, your classic tremolo
F : Frequency modulation, Harmonic Tremolo like in old Fender Brown Face amps, pans between treble and bass
B : Bass modulation only, with fixed treble
T : Treble modulation only, with fix bass

The LFO has 8 available modulation shapes:
Sawtooth, Reversed Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, Sine, Lump, Reverse Lump, Random

Rate, Division, Tone, Depth, Shape, Shape distortion, Volume

While the Tap tempo LFO section is digital, the audio path is 100% analog. The tremolo effect is achieved using optocouplers.

There is an expression input to control the rate.

Download the manual for V4


Some older demos of previous versions:




Weight 0.5 kg

W 95mm * H 125mm * D 55mm

Power Supply

9V center negative 80mA, 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm

Other key features

Soft bypass switch with momentary/latching modes
Relay based true bypass
Analog audio paths
Expression input to control the rate
UV printed enclosure

User Guide



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