More FV-1 patches

Some new patches I have been working on:

Infinite reverb:
adapted from code available on the SpinSemi site. I added a latching function to latch the infinite mode after pressing the momentary switch just once. The latching switch code is a piece taken from the Tap Tempo code shared by Slacker.

Granular delay with pitch shifter:
delay whose speed is randomly changing and an octave up that can be blended in the feedback path. Pressing the momentary switch sets the feedback to maximum

Particle delay:
This was more of an excercise trying to reproduce one patch in the Red Panda Particle.

Reverse delay:
Based on a piece of code from the Spinsemi forum
The ticking is a bit annoying …

“Jonny Greenwood” effect:
This code was shared by Slacker and tries to emulate the MAX/MSP patch Greenwood uses on some songs. I did not change much in this. I think I added a feedback path but that did not do much …

Aliaser + delay and feedback:
Simple aliaser with a delay and feedback path to coax out some flangey glitches.