drolo (short for David Rolo, duh 🙂 ) is a one man enterprise operating from the south of Belgium.

From this shack, more precisely:

This is how things started, in short:
Back in 1998 I was obsessed by Pink Floyd’s Meddle, the track Echoes in particular. I only had some Boss overdrive and could not get anything resembling the sounds I heard so I started researching (remember researching stuff when there was no Internet?). I found out that there were things called “Fuzz Faces” that were not that complicated to build. From there I have always been building something or another, for myself or for friends.

Around 2012 I came up with a tremolo called Twin Peaks. I just posted a demo on Youtube and its circuit in DIY forums to share the design. Somehow people started asking me to build one for them and from there on I kept getting more and more requests.

I went on building stuff for myself but people seemed to like these too. Still I never thought of getting into the pedal business despite the demand.
But guess what, 5 years later: Boom! I’m a pedal business 🙂