Molecular Disruptor V3

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The Molecular Disruptor is a DSP based multi-effect pedal that can be loaded with 16 effects of your choice from the molecular patches list, which is regularly being updated with new patches. These patches are loaded on swappable “Molecular Modules” that hold 8 effects each:

As of V3.0 the pedals have 2 slots allowing for 2 of these modules to be loaded and selected via a switch.

2 modules are included when you purchase a Disruptor pedal. Additional modules can be bought separately.

Essentially, this “à la carte” system allows you to have a pedal that has up to 16 effects tailored to your needs.


Here is a playlist with some examples of molecular patches:

(you can click on the top left menu to see the list of available videos in the playlist)

Some key features:

true bypass (relay) /buffered bypass with tails
soft switches and momentary/latching bypass modes
expression pedal input whose range can be scaled by an on-board pot
variable sample rate control
UV printed enclosures
works on 9V center negative 100mA power supply

Download the manual for V3

Download the manual for V2
Download the manual for V1

You can fill out this form to order a new patch module:

(They cost 30EUR shipping included. Only available for Molecular Disruptor users as of version 2.4, sold after April 2018)

You can find it inside the pedal printed on the circuit board (modules are only available for versions 2.4 and above)
You can find it on a sticker inside your pedal
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