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Stamme[n] is a pedal that originated from an initial idea of Kent Sommer (aka UglyCasanova). He asked me if I could make him a pedal that would loop short samples but whose sample size could be set by tapping a tempo. From there the pedal went through many iterations and a few months later we had something that seemed like a useful tool. It was a fun project and I really want to thank Kent for his input, ideas and the nice chats.

From the original tap tempo micro looper idea, it has evolved (now in it’s V3 iteration) into a micro looper / time stretcher / glitch delay / audio freeze / reverb

4 looping modes:

TT (tap tempo)
A microlooper with tap tempo and 4 subdivisions.

RT (random tempo)
A microlooper with random tempo and time stretch options.

GL (glitch delay)
A glitch delay with optional pitched up feedback

TL (tape loop)
Works like a loop of tape that can be sped up or slowed down with the control

4 hold modes:

SW (swell)
The control knob defines how fast the held sample fades in and out.

PT (pitch)
The control knob detunes the held signal when turning CCW (like slowing down
a tape)

FL (filter)
The held signal gets processed through a filter. The control knob goes from a low
pass filter on the left to a high pass filter on the right.

ST (stutter)
The held signal gets randomly chopped off. The control knob adjusts the rate of
the chopping.

Other key features:

Soft bypass and function switches with momentary/latching modes
Electronic, buffered bypass
Analog dry channel
UV printed enclosures
works on 9V center negative 100mA power supply

Download the manual for V3 (really, RTFM 🙂 )

Download the manual for V2
Download the manual for V1

Clips for the older versions:





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